Build a simple glazing website in minutes with My Business by Google

Posted by Colette Graimes on 20 Sep 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Hopefully your glazing business already has a website but if you don't, or your business is just getting off the ground, Google's My Business website tool is a great starting point for you. It's a free tool and has limitations but it's a good way to start building your web presence, especially if your business is new.


Should your glazing business have a blog?

In our increasingly digital society, getting your business online is no longer an option – it is a requirement. But being online and having an online presence are two very different things.

Let’s say a customer is looking for a local glazier. They input their search term and Google spits out a dozen names. How do you get them through your door and not the competition? You build trust. Which stands out more: a single-page website with contact information or a business with a blog that regularly publishes expert content about their industry, products and has an up-to-date portfolio?


Have you listed your glazing business on Google?

Posted by Colette Graimes on 14 Jul 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Getting your website to rank on Google is a problem that business owners from all industries, not just glazing, face. One free way you can appear front and center when someone searches for your business name is by listing your business, so it comes up on Google Search and Google Maps. If you operate locally, listing your business on Google is particularly important.


Using your glazing website to build trust with prospective customers

Posted by Colette Graimes on 07 Jul 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Trustworthiness, or the lack of, is a perception issue that nearly all tradesmen and contractors face in the eyes of the public. Customers want the reassurance that their contractor is going to show up when they say they will, charge a fair price, and get the job done to a high standard. One way you can provide reassurance is through the information you provide on your website.


Glaziers, get your business cards noticed

Posted by Colette Graimes on 29 Jun 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Don't be deceived by the thousands of articles online declaring the business card 'dead'. The humble business card still has plenty of life in it yet!

For many glaziers, business cards are a necessity but are often rushed or treated as an afterthought. Business cards say a lot about you and your business so it's crucial you put some thought into them. There are a few key, simple elements to keep in mind that make up a great, memorable business card.


How can I use marketing automation to help my glazing business?

Posted by Colette Graimes on 02 Jun 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Marketing automation means you waste less time doing repetitive marketing tasks, whilst doing a better job at converting prospective customers into actual customers. Automation can be applied to emails, social media, and actions on your website, making all of these things work harder and smarter for your business.


Checklist: Planning a new website for your glazing business?

Posted by Colette Graimes on 10 May 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

 Thinking of redesigning your glazing website? Here are 10 things to take into consideration before you get started.


Glaziers, how much do you know about your competition?

Posted by Colette Graimes on 27 Apr 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Keeping an eye on your competitors is an important part of your marketing efforts for your glazing business and crucial to ensuring you're a viable option for prospective customers. Figure out who your real competitors are and monitor their online presence, how they're targeting prospective audience, and where your strengths lie.


Calling all glaziers: make great videos with Animoto

Posted by Colette Graimes on 12 Apr 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

Videos are a powerful way to communicate big ideas in a short space of time — a handy capability no matter what industry you're in. However, commissioning a custom video from a production company can be pricey so it's worth exploring tools like Animoto as a do-it-yourself alternative. Become a video producer in no time!  


Glaziers, Grow your glass network with LinkedIn

Posted by Colette Graimes on 29 Mar 2017 in Marketing your glazing business

LinkedIn has a reputation as a networking site for suits, but don't let this perception put you off. As with any social network, you are responsible for curating your community — if you do it well, LinkedIn is a powerful resource.


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