Technology and employee privacy: what glazing businesses need to know

Posted by Colette Graimes on 29 Sep 2018 in HR and recruitment for glaziers

With an increasing emphasis on workplace productivity and the emerging technologies able to measure it, the impact on employee privacy is becoming a hot topic of conversation. While some degree of monitoring is to be expected — internet usage for example — new tracking technology takes this to a whole new level, raising some potential ethical concerns worth considering.


Improving employee engagement on a budget in your glazing business

Posted by Colette Graimes on 19 Apr 2017 in HR and recruitment for glaziers

'Employee engagement' is about getting the most out of your employees and improving their commitment to your business.

Highly engaged employees have a good understanding of how their role contributes to the business as a whole. They are more likely to contribute new ideas and find better ways of doing things to help you achieve those goals.


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