An introduction to using Facebook Pages for your glazing business

One question we often get from glazing businesses is 'how can we improve our image and appear more professional?' A great way to raise the bar when it comes to image and presentation is by establishing a strong social media presence. Consumers often verify a company's legitimacy by checking both their website and social media to get a feel for what kind of business they are.

We've put together a short 'tips for glaziers' guide on how to:

  • Create a new Facebook page from scratch
  • Use the different post types available to get the most out of your Facebook presence
  • Use Facebook Messenger as a business tool and communication platform for current and future customers

We've also included links to helpful articles and recommended free resources to help up your Facebook game. Get the guide here:

Posted in Marketing your glazing business on 01 Mar 2017

Colette Graimes

Written by Colette Graimes

Colette assists with marketing and communications at Smart-Builder.

She specialises in digital and content marketing for small to medium-size businesses, and loves finding ways to maximize marketing efforts using technology.

Colette is passionate about copywriting, well-designed websites, and coffee.

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