It's time to start planning your glazing business' holiday marketing campaign

It's that time of year already! If you haven't already started your end-of-year marketing campaign, now is the time to do it to make sure you get your materials in front of prospective customers at exactly the right moment.

Show off a little

The end of the year is the perfect opportunity to showcase some of your best work from the past 12 months. Hopefully your audience will be inspired to contact you about a project of their own — if not immediately, then in the new year.

Some ideas for presenting a portfolio of the past year's work include:

  • Creating a photo gallery or blog post on your company website
    TIP: Check out our blog post about how to create a portfolio of work on your glazing website
  • Post an album of photos on your business Facebook page or a set of images in an Instagram post
  • Print a flyer that you can distribute locally — be sure to include your contact information and office hours over the holiday season

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Capitalize on the holiday theme

It's easy to create a cohesive marketing campaign using an existing theme or phrase associated with the holiday season. Picking an idea that is already familiar to your audience is a great way to grab their attention and hopefully tap into those feel-good holiday emotions.

For example, you could run a '12 Days of Glazing' promotion to highlight different products each day on your website and social media channels. It's a great way to piggyback off holiday fever without committing to a full-blown marketing campaign.


Direct to their doorstep

If there's ever a time of year where people are receptive to 'direct-mail marketing' (getting marketing materials in the mail) it's over the holidays. Chances are their inbox is overloaded with marketing messages and doing a mail drop allows you to target prospects in your local neighborhood who you haven't worked with before. Wouldn't it be great to pick up some close-to-home customers and spend less time on the road in the lead up to the holidays?


Get the house in order

People often have friends and family come into town to stay with them over the holidays so getting the house ready is going to be on their mind. Putting a flyer in their letterbox as a reminder with a list of your glazing services on it is a great prompt.



A gift from the team

Embrace the spirit of giving and offer a discount on services via a postcard in the mailbox. What you offer and how depends on your business and your price point, you may wish to apply a minimum spend to be able to use the voucher or only discount particular products. This is a great way to encourage people to contact you about projects in the new year.




Holiday wishes to existing and previous customers

Instead of targeting new business, you could craft a holiday campaign to thank your customers from the past year and let them know what your hours and emergency repair details are over the holiday season. It's a nice gesture and keeps your glazing business at the top of their mind for future work as well as recommendations to friends and family.

Since you're targeting a smaller group, you may be able to spend more per person and get a little creative. For example, you could send out a handwritten card and some holiday-themed candy or cookies.

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Stick to the schedule

Whatever you've got planned in the lead up to the holiday season, timing is everything. Work backward from your last day of work before breaking for the holiday season and ensure you've left yourself enough time to complete promotional work before then. If you've left it too late this year, add a holiday marketing campaign to next year's calendar instead!


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

Posted in Marketing your glazing business on 08 Nov 2019

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