Build a simple glazing website in minutes with My Business by Google

Hopefully your glazing business already has a website but if you don't, or your business is just getting off the ground, Google's My Business website tool is a great starting point for you. It's a free tool and has limitations but it's a good way to start building your web presence, especially if your business is new.

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First you'll need to get yourself set up on Google My Business — we wrote a blog post awhile back with instructions on how to do this. If you go through that process, Google will prompt you to create a website at the end of it. If you've already listed your business on Google, head over to this link to start building your website.

In terms of the look of the website, there are a range of template themes to choose from. They are all reasonably clean and modern but they are unlikely to exactly match your business' brand perfectly. If you're after something more custom, this service isn't for you (you may want to consider something more customizable such as WordPress).

Other elements you can add to the website:

  • Under the 'Edit' option, Google will give you some content boxes to edit and tell the viewer a little more about your business
  • You can upload photos of your work which is a great way of enticing potential customers
  • Add your business hours including days when you are closed (Christmas Day) for example
  • Contact details like your phone number

Before you can publish the website, you will need to verify that you own the listing. The URL you'll get is a Google one but you can customize it a little:


Hopefully this is a useful starting point for getting your glazing website up and running!

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Posted in Marketing your glazing business on 20 Sep 2017

Colette Graimes

Written by Colette Graimes

Colette assists with marketing and communications at Smart-Builder.

She specialises in digital and content marketing for small to medium-size businesses, and loves finding ways to maximize marketing efforts using technology.

Colette is passionate about copywriting, well-designed websites, and coffee.

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